B&C Logistics Takes Care of Their Community!

What happens when a product is brought to you that does not meet standards and will ultimately be destroyed? Do you offer a destruction fee and get rid of the product or do you see the potential in the good this can do for someone and work with the customer to donate the product instead?

This is exactly what B&C Logistics did and we could not be more proud.

After looking at the product and realizing that good can come out of an unfortunate situation, B&C worked with their customer on terms to donate vs destroy. A fee would not be charged and B&C would put “do not resell” labels over all of the barcodes at absolutely no cost.

144 units of the product were taken to Prairie Crossing Assisted Living in Shabbona, IL, not only putting beautiful smiles on all of the residents’ faces, but giving them something to do and love in often their lonely time there amidst Covid and restrictions.

B&C Logistics is always looking for ways to make an impact on the Community and become stronger and better for it. In a time of uncertainty, what better way to reach out and take care of those that need a bit of sunshine.

Please contact Brian Severson, b.severson@bclogisticsgroup.com, 779-255-1402, to learn how B&C can help you get it done and get it done right!

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