Congressman Visits IWLA Member and Discusses Transportation Issues

Webster  WSE-MCT backdrop photoU.S. Rep. Daniel Webster, R-Fla., of the state’s 10th District, visited Aug. 23 with IWLA-Members: Kevin Margeson, president; Robert Doyle, CWLP, vice president; and Barrett Bostick, vice president sales and  marketing of Commercial Warehousing in Winter Haven. Doyle characterizes the meeting as an opportunity to introduce the warehouse-based third-party logistics industry and its challenges to a key lawmaker.

Doyle says Webster is a pro-business leader with a background in transportation. Webster once served as a ranking member of the Florida House of Representatives Transportation Committee and he now serves on the U.S. House Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure.

“Rep. Webster understands the supply chain pretty well from his work in the state where he focused on highway and port transportation,” Doyle says. “Additionally, we gave him a first-hand view of several aspects of the supply chain in that we showed our transportation, warehousing and packaging operations.”

Doyle, who is the 2013-2014 IWLA treasurer, and his top executives used the tour to illustrate the role of warehouse-based third-party logistics companies in the supply chain. “We talked about the lifecycle of the product from the manufacturer to us to the retailer and how our clients use our services,” says Doyle.

Following the tour was a “town hall” meeting where Webster addressed dozens of Commercial Warehousing employees. “He spoke about his role and how to better utilize his office and the various programs they provide,” Doyle says. He adds that Webster answered questions from his employees, shook hands and took pictures.

At the end of the visit, Webster and his staffers were given leave-behinds outlining the top five policy areas of IWLA’s Legislative Agenda:

  1. Promoting Workplace Health and Safety
  2. Ensuring Supply Chain Safety and Security
  3. Promoting Healthy Labor Relations
  4. Pursuing Responsible Budget and Tax Policies
  5. Strengthening America’s Competitiveness

Doyle considers the positive impact generated from the visit as two-fold: It showed his employees that he’s engaged in the governmental process and that he is an advocate of the industry and business and it supports the IWLA Government Affairs Council. “I have a personal passion for understanding the issues and engaging with government officials. This is our way of doing all we can to support IWLA’s government affairs efforts and being a part of the participatory democracy,” he says.

Doyle has secured a follow-up meeting with Rep. Webster during the IWLA Legislative Fly-in & Council Meetings, September 16-18, 2013. Are you doing all you can to support your industry? There is still time to register and get involved in a participatory democracy.

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