IWLA Legislative Action Alert: Tell Congress to Pass the Drug Quality and Security Act!


The U.S. Congress has reached agreement on bipartisan legislation that will for the first time recognize third-party logistics providers as a part of the drug supply chain. The Drug Quality and Security Act improves patient safety by replacing today’s patchwork of state product-tracing and licensing laws with a strong, uniform standard that would ultimately result in electronic, interoperable unit-level product tracing for the entire country. The bill explicitly prohibits the states from requiring 3PLs to be licensed as wholesalers. Further, the legislation accurately reflects the role of the 3PL as a bailee in the supply chain.

The U.S. House of Representatives may vote on the legislation this weekend.

However, there is no certainty that this bill will pass the House or Senate easily. That is why it is critical that you contact your senators and representatives urging support for the traceability legislation as soon as possible.

Click this link to send your letters NOW: Issue Alert – Support the Drug Quality and Security Act


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