Engage Your Workforce to Achieve Company Success

guy in warehouse low resCompetition, margins, mining data, implementing new technologies—all of these things consume us on a daily basis.

According to Jonathon McKay, vice president of Columbus, Ohio-based MGO Marketing, without an engaged workforce and loyal customer base, you will never reach your fullest potential.

McKay’s breakout presentation during the 2014 IWLA Convention & Expo “Economic Value of Workforce Development,” will serve as an eye-opener to many business owners who have poorly managed, disengaged employees that are costing them customers.

McKay works with clients from several business sectors including supply chain management. “Logistics is an extremely competitive market, especially when considering access to qualified talent,” McKay says. “But it’s a unique industry because it cannot be outsourced, and it’s a growing industry with lots of job opportunities.”

Warehouse and third-party logistics providers can leverage these advantages to attract talent, but McKay insists that the employers’ job has only just begun in retaining qualified talent. “The focus on recruiters and colleges is only  the surface. Companies need to look internally, to build a culture that attracts people to you.”

Most owners often look to benefit programs, profitable bonus structures and other ways to incentivize employees to perform. McKay says his research and data show that you can only get so far with money. “Money is a short-term motivator and only motivates up to a certain point,” he says.

A more valuable and cost-effective strategy for motivation is creating intrinsic value to the jobs that your employees have. How do you do this? McKay offers a few pointers:

  • Help them understand the value of what they do.
  • Explain how their position relates to the core values of the company.
  • Tie specific actions into accomplishing corporate goals.
  • Give people more control and self-direction.

Finally, McKay cites the most important intrinsic motivation you can give an employee: a voice in the organization.

“People drive self-value from what they do,” McKay says.  “If you’re not able build context into your employees’ jobs you will never reach your fullest potential. Find a way to give a voice to your employees and they will contribute to your company’s success.”

Where do you fall? Find out how McKay arrives at the importance of intrinsic motivation through his research, and see where your company falls in the engagement spectrum based on segmentation of your workforce and other KPIs of leadership and human resources.

Be sure to sit in on the Economic Value of Workforce Development breakout session 2B March 25 from 3:15 to 4:45 p.m. , in Phoenix, Ariz. Register for the 2014 IWLA Convention & Expo.

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