IWLA Chemical Council Meeting Explores Global Harmonization, Transport Hazmat, CFATS and Responsible Warehousing

Chemical Council 280There are always changes and challenges in the chemical warehouse logistics arena. Are you up to speed? The IWLA Chemical Council meeting, in conjunction with the IWLA Legislative Fly-in, is on Sept. 19 in Washington, D.C. Chemical warehouse operators know that the rules change when storing and handling chemicals, regardless of size, use, type, concentration or hazard level.

The 2014 IWLA Chemical Council Meeting topics that you need to be aware of:

  • Global Harmonization Standards (GHS): OSHA’s Global Harmonization Standards rollout is right around the corner. In 2013, IWLA provided training to IWLA Chemical Council members during the Fly-in. This year, we are following up with an expert from OSHA, who will speak about best practices for coordinating compliance through customers, distributors and third-party warehouses. The presenter will also explore best practices for keeping safety data sheets and how to implement this process with international clients.
  • Vaughn Arthur, president of the Dangerous Goods Advisory Council, will present on the topic of hazmat transportation issues from inside the U.S. Department of Transportation and the requirements under the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration including permits, labeling, and security. Arthur will also speak about proposed funding, the priority list inside the DOT, and where things are headed in the future.
  • There are more than 300 chemicals defined by the U.S. Department of Homeland Security as having the potential use in a terrorist act. The Chemical Facility Anti-terrorism Standards (CFATS) assigns ratings to a facility based on the amount, type of chemicals, site vulnerability and the nature of the facility. Each facility must implement a site security plan that satisfies its rating standards. An expert from the Department of Homeland Security will be at the meeting to review the security standards and the benefits of the program’s multi-year renewal bill. Even for those who don’t handle high-risk chemicals many of the same security measures can be applied.
  • The council launched the IWLA Responsible Warehousing Protocol Program as a way to verify a chemical facility as safe and secure, and to use to promote the member as a verified warehouse company. Many in the council are actively becoming credentialed through the IWLA Chemical Council, and the council plans to continue to talk about the benefits of the program.

For 2014, the IWLA Chemical Council is focused on growth. When the council began, verification in the Responsible Warehousing Protocol or a similar credential by the National Association of Chemical Distributors, was mandatory. The intent of the council was to have a place inside IWLA where those dealing with dangerous chemicals could exchange information and ideas. In order to encourage everyone to be involved in the council, the group is relaxing this mandatory requirement and recommending it as a tool for making a facility the best it can be.

The IWLA Chemical Council invites everyone, including those who are not verified through the Responsible Warehousing Protocol, to join the council and attend this meeting. There is no other place or opportunity to hear from the speakers and topics on the niche market of chemical warehousing.

To register for the IWLA Chemical Council Meeting in conjunction with the IWLA Legislative Fly-in click here.

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