IWLA Canada 2015 Fall Conference Oct. 30: Sales and Marketing for Warehousing and 3PLs

Sales anFALL-LEAVESd marketing drive all businesses, the question for all stakeholders is: How do you fully engage all participants in the process? The 2015 IWLA Canada Conference will provide answers to the following questions:

  • How does management develop a strategy to engage all members of its team in the process?
  • In a long sales cycle, how does sales professional engage the client and use the resources of the company’s operational teams?
  • How do administrative and operational staff play a constructive role in the sales process?

Sales and marketing staff will develop a better idea of the cross-functional dimension of their responsibilities. And administrative and operations staff will take home a better appreciation of their role in their company’s sales and marketing effort. Registration will open soon – stay tuned.

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