IWLA is the Resource

“Our organization will be just what we members make it, no more, no less. I wish I had words to impress upon every member of this association the importance of helping the other fellow, through the knowledge that when we are helping him, we are helping ourselves.”– James A. Green, founding president, American Warehousemen’s Association – Oct. 15, 1891

IWLA-Logo-largeIWLA is the Resource

The International Warehouse Logistics Association’s (IWLA) beginnings may date back to 1891, but the association has evolved with the logistics industry during the past 123 years.

As the story goes, members of the Associated Transfer and Storage Companies of the United States felt that organization had a limited focus on storage and distribution of agricultural products. They created the American Warehousemen’s Association to fill the void. The founders wanted the association to the address expansion of trade and commerce into a variety of goods and the expansion of transportation through the railroad, highway, and shipping networks.

They wanted an association that represented them and the unique role they played.

That role continues to evolve and so has the industry trade association: IWLA represents a vibrant, technology-driven, global warehouse logistics industry. Warehouse logistics professionals not only store goods, but they sort, repackage, and manufacture materials into new unique shipments or goods. Integrated global transportation and communication networks continue to increase the speed of goods movement.

To this end, IWLA has modernized its brand to reflect the advancements of the industry and its membership. The new branding positions IWLA as the leader in the warehouse logistics industry – for warehouse logistics professionals, for supplier partners who want to reach those professionals, and for customers who want the best logistics services.

Despite a constantly evolving business climate, some things never change. As stated by the founding president James Green in 1891, “…when we are helping him, we are helping ourselves.” This notion still rings true. IWLA members are true professionals who help others find the best solutions to business and industry challenges.

The association will never lose sight of its past. And IWLA will continue to help drive the success of our members and the industry.

Please join us in this prosperous and exciting journey. Please turn to us as your resource for warehouse logistics information, networking, education, and advocacy.


Steve DeHaan Signature2


Steve DeHaan
IWLA President & CEO

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