Former IWLA Chairman Presents Sen. McConnell with IWLA-PAC Contribution

Paul and McConnell copyThe IWLA Political Action Committee (IWLA-PAC) has been active during the 2014 election year. IWLA-PAC Steering Committee identified key candidates who understand our business interests and who will support our issues during their terms. Once those candidates are identified, IWLA members with locations in the respective official’s district are presenting the donation checks personally. This outreach serves as another touch point for IWLA and it builds relationships between IWLA-PAC members and their elected officials.

Former IWLA Chairman Paul Verst recently presented an IWLA–PAC contribution check to Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “The Senator was excited to receive the $5,000 check (given to staff) and was interested in the logistics business,” Verst says.

Learn more about IWLA Government Affairs.

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