IWLA Nominating Committee Announces Slate

2015 lowThe 2015 IWLA Nominating Committee, led by Immediate Past Chairman Paul Verst, submits the following slate of candidates for ratification by members gathered for the March 10, 2015, IWLA Business Meeting.

The IWLA Bylaws allow for directors to serve up to three consecutive terms. The nominating committee is recommending the following for addition/continuation on the IWLA Board of Directors:

  • For a second three-year term:
    • Bob Bianco, President, Menlo Worldwide
    • Leslie Greer, Vice President, Team Logistics, Inc.
    • Bruce Stoddard, President, Parke Warehouses
  • For a first three-year term:
    • Scott Mayfield, President, Kenco Management Services
    • Peter Wilson, President & CEO, Sonwil Distribution Center
  • Moving from director to the IWLA secretary position on the IWLA Executive Committee: Frank Anderson, Vice President, RBW Logistics

Verst thanks the members of the 2015 IWLA Nominating Committee:

  • Rich Hamilton, First Vice President, Prologis
  • Steve Harmon, President, Spartan Logistics
  • Ken Noble, President, Noble Distribution Systems
  • Cliff Otto, President/CEO, Saddle Creek Logistics Services
  • Doug Sampson, Senior Vice President, Acme Distribution Centers, Inc.
  • Jeff Smith, President, Allied Logistics; and
  • Scott Whiting, Vice President/General Manager, Merchandise Warehouse.

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