California Board of Pharmacy Issues Licensing Guidance for 3PLs

Cali lowThe California Board of Pharmacy issued guidance this week outlining the process for obtaining the licensing as third-party logistics providers or non-resident third-party logistics providers in the state. This requirement extends to all 3PLs that ship pharmaceuticals to or from California.

Prior to the Drug Supply Chain Security Act (DSCSA), 3PLs were required to obtain licensing as a wholesaler—now 3PLs and wholesalers are separate entities under California law.

Here are highlights of this guidance:

  • Wholesalers and 3PLs can be licensed in the same facility but must obtain their own separate licenses, records, stock, and trained personnel.
  • 3PLs are encouraged to obtain resident and non-resident licensing immediately.
  • Previous or current licensing fees will not carry over from the transition from a wholesaler to a 3PL.
  • Data on file from a previous wholesaler license can be carried over in the 3PL licensing process

Please see the complete guidance and visit to access the online application.

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