On Earth Day We Celebrate Successes and Look to the Future

PPP lowEarth Day is a time for reflection. Many IWLA members understand the impact and power they hold when it comes to building sustainable workplace environments. Doing business sustainably benefits their company, their employees, their communities, and their corporate image.

The IWLA Sustainability Council honors this day by asking IWLA members a simple question: What have you done to reduce your carbon footprint this year? If your answer has intent, purpose, and direction toward improved sustainability—good for you and keep it up. There is more to be achieved and recognition to be earned.

If you really have not acted on this question, we encourage your thoughtful consideration on how sustainability goals might change your company for the better:

  • Would a lighting upgrade that reduces your energy costs, improves your lighting and task efficiency, and provides tax credits be beneficial?
  • Would a programmable thermostat that controls your warehouse temperatures to the optimal range according to your usage in a particular area be beneficial to you?
  • Would a unified recycling program that sets goals and creates incentives making employees accountable for each other assist in waste reduction and employee satisfaction?

No matter the progress you’ve made on your sustainability journey, there are improvements to be made, goals to achieve, and stories to share. You provide your clients with solutions to their logistics needs. Now is the time to provide the world with a more sustainable corporate solution.

The IWLA Sustainability Council is here to help you on your journey. We are a group of eco-lean-engineering-minded IWLA members committed to people, planet, and profit. Engage with others who are discovering ways to make sustainability a decision that makes good business sense. Join the council if you want help making a difference in our industry – or if you want to share your experience.

Happy Earth Day!

IWLA Sustainability Council Tip of the Week: Energy Employee Education

Saving energy is not your job; it’s everyone’s job. Today is Earth Day, a great time to share tips and generate awareness about saving energy. Use this occasion to motivate and educate employees on how they can practice energy efficiency at home and at work. Visit ENERGY STAR’s Earth Day website for ideas to save energy and resources to share with your employees.

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