34th Short-term Highway Extension Signed by Obama

hwtf lowThe U.S. Senate passed its version of a long-term highway funding plan as lawmakers are set to delay House-Senate negotiations until after the August recess.

On July 30, the Senate and President Barack Obama signed a stopgap bill to allow highway spending for three months. The House passed that measure Wednesday before leaving Washington for five weeks. The long-term Senate bill, passed 65-34 Thursday, would provide a six-year blueprint for spending on roads, bridges and mass transit projects while paying for three of those years.

Unfortunately, time ran out for consideration of Sen. Deb Fischer’s (R-Neb.) National Hiring Standards amendment.

The final bill does include IWLA’s requested provision that specifies 3PLs be included on state freight advisory committees. Meanwhile, during the recess groups are taking a full opportunity to focus on infrastructure failures around the country. The U.S. Department of Transportation created the #ShowUsYourInfraWear Instagram campaign aimed at exploiting the issue and Congress’s inability to come up with a solution.


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