New: IWLA Educational Programming Evolves

EducationFlyer_Page_1The IWLA education offerings are continuing to evolve to meet IWLA members’ needs. In addition to the in-person courses such as the IWLA Economics & 3PL Sales, Tech/Ops, and Essentials courses, IWLA branched out into the distance learning arena in 2015.

To complement the popular live webinar series, IWLA introduced the On-demand Resource Center. This online webinar library repurposed live webinar content to on-demand content with the intent of reaching a larger audience at a time and place that was convenient to them. It also features exclusive on-demand content that is fee-based.

This year, the IWLA Education Committee is developing a distance learning program that is more interactive and action-based. The concept of the distance-learning module will be comprised of four to six sessions on a particular topic, such as customer service in a warehouse. After each session the student will take a short quiz. A certificate will be earned and sent to the student once he/she successfully completes the module and/or session.

Although, it is still in the conceptual phase, the distance learning program will create consistency across IWLA course content and give members greater access to professional development. The committee is working closely to develop a format that can also expand and evolve several years into the future.

Stay tuned for more updates and visit our IWLA education tab to get the latest dates and course information.

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