FDA’s Import Safety Meetings Uncovered Interesting Feedback About FSVP, VQIP, and Compliance

candy-lowIn June the U.S. Food and Drug Administration hosted a series of meetings in California, Michigan and New Jersey focused on the Food Safety Modernization Act Import Safety Programs. The goal of these meetings was to gather informal feedback about experiences, issues and implementation related to import safety.

According to the FDA: “After listening closely to 350 importers, food producers, and foreign and industry association representatives, and analyzing data, a number of themes from the participants’ responses emerged. These include:

  • Members of industry want help in understanding what is required under the FSMA provisions, including clearer, concise information from the FDA.
  • Small importers and food producers are at higher risk of failing to comply with FSVP.
  • Importers will likely consider cost, return on investment and effort necessary to participant when deciding whether to sign up for VQIP, which will provide expedited clearance to qualified participants.”

The FDA provided more detailed reports on each area listed above. Read the report.  We want to hear what you think—what are the challenges that you’re experiencing with imported safety regulations? Tell us at mail@IWLA.com.

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