IWLA Member Techdinamics Announces New Product

Techship takes away the hassle of small parcel shipping and optimizes fulfillment operations within a single application. Techship enables you to batch single or multiple orders directly from your WMS. In a regular scenario, the user simply enters in an order number to immediately generate a label.

Techship does all the backend processing; including pulling orders from your WMS, validating addresses, selecting the lowest rates and appropriate service levelsWith our cloud-based program, courier compliant labels can be processed and printed directly to your warehouse printers from anywhere.


  • Cloud-based: Accessible Anywhere
  • Rate Shop Carriers
  • Batch Processing
  • UCC128 Labels
  • Freight Markups
  • Updates back to WMS (optional)
  • Manifests/Report
  • Eco Routing

Learn more: info@techdinamics.com


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