Lawmakers: Trump Calls Public-Private Infrastructure Partnerships ‘More Trouble Than They’re Worth’

President Donald Trump is tearing down a central pillar of his administration’s infrastructure plan. The president told a bipartisan group of lawmakers that he doesn’t favor public-private partnerships to finance public works, the WSJ’s Ted Mann and Siobhan Hughes report, throwing talks over new federal spending on highways, ports and other infrastructure into a new light. One lawmaker says the president pointed to one signature example of private investment, the Indiana toll road, as an example of a failed public-private partnership. Lawmakers say Trump told them he believes such partnerships are “more trouble than they’re worth.” The administration has been pressing such investment as a way to leverage federal spending—and to help turn management of infrastructure over to states and private companies. Mr. Trump’s new view may upend the administration’s strategy, but it also may make it easier to strike a deal with congressional Democrats who are leery of privatization.

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