The Future of Supply Chain

Commerce used to be straightforward. But shopping today extends beyond store hours and shelf space. The Internet has made it a 24/7 exercise.

From creating a website to selling online to meeting consumer demands for ever-faster and more-affordable delivery, the Internet has changed the fundamentals of retail. And it continues to. Amazon has been the clear leader in defining eCommerce and pushing the boundaries of what once was inconceivable. But now, many forward-thinking retailers are turning to new technologies and service providers to get a foothold and catch up.

Retailers must embrace “On-Demand Commerce,” and solve for consumers’ desires to shop when, where, and how they want. For legacy retailers, a completely reconsidered digital infrastructure is necessary to survive the “Retail Apocalypse”; for pure-play eCommerce retailers, standing out amongst the crowd and creating brand awareness is required to thrive.

The rise of On-Demand Commerce and the “Now Economy” is transforming every retailer into a technology and logistics company.

And while technology is enabling the Now Economy, it’s not the driver. That, as always, is the desire of innovative companies to deliver better service and a better experience to their customers.

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