REO Logistics Executives Discuss 3PL Issues with U.S. Senator Joe Manchin

On Friday, September 28, 2018, Joe Manchin, United States Senator for West Virginia, visited supply chain solutions provider and International Warehouse Logistics Association (IWLA) member REO Logistics ( The visit included a tour of the company’s 480,000-square-foot chemical processing facility, during which time Senator Manchin was able to meet a number of employees. The visit included a roundtable discussion with REO Logistics’ key executives to discuss a number of hot button issues impacting the industry and region today, including recently enacted tariffs, driver shortages, transportation infrastructure legislation and employing veterans and other underserved populations.

REO Logistics, which employees 260 people, struggles, along with others across the nation, to employ enough truck drivers. During the visit, CEO Rebecca Polan asked Senator Manchin for his support of legislative actions designed to help ease the nationwide driver shortage by expanding interstate trucking opportunities to former military personnel and by dropping the age restrictions to 18.  Ms. Polan, along with her key executives, also briefed the Senator on the negative impact recently enacted tariffs have had on many of their international customers and discussed constructive steps the company, and others like it, can take to help customers weather today’s volatile business landscape.

“Senator Manchin’s commitment to working with West Virginia businesses, to learning about both their successes and their challenges, and helping them connect with practical real-time resources to overcome those challenges, is a real testament to his dedication to the State and his constituents,” remarked Ms. Polan. “This was a positive and constructive meeting with Senator Manchin.”

A 3rd Party Logistics (3PL) and chemical processing company, REO Logistics maintains operations in West Virginia, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio, Texas and Louisiana. The company provides food and pharmaceutical grade, hazardous materials, and contract warehousing; asset-based and brokerage transportation; and toll processing and contract manufacturing services for chemical and large industrial manufacturers.

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