Ohio Logistics opens Bellevue warehouse

Ohio Logistics invited businesses to tour their new Bellevue warehouse on Thursday.

The company began with a single Findley warehouse in 1988 and has grown to be one of the largest privately-owned logistics firms in the country. It has 22 locations in six states and more than 5 million square feet of warehouse space.

It opened a new state-of-the-art 200,000 square-foot warehouse on North Buckeye Street in Bellevue in September. Ohio Logistics stores, transports and repackages product among other services it provides to its clients.

“We’re in the service business and the people business,” facility manager Chad Erwin said. “Bellevue is a great community which gives us access to the rail the system. We have a lot of customers these days who transport goods across railroads.”

Erwin said the reception the company has received from the city of Bellevue is great. The city is constructing more roads to the street near the warehouse to make it easy for trucks to access it.

Aerial view of the Ohio Logistic warehouse in Bellevue.


“We are enthusiastic and honored to have Ohio Logistics here in Bellevue,” Mayor Kevin Strecker said. “We look forward to meeting their needs in the future along with all of our business and industry leaders … Bellevue is fortunate to have such a community-minded company located here.”

He also thanked economic director Dave Sabo and safety service director Mike Lantz for the work they did to make it happen. Strecker said the city has enjoyed working with Erwin and Ohio Logistics president Chuck Bills.

“Out of all the cities and communities I’ve worked with Bellevue has been among the best and the most accommodating,” Erwin said.

The warehouse provides storage and transportation for Mitsubishi Chemical Performance Polymers and U.S. Gypsum Building Materials. Their products occupy 70,000 square feet of the warehouse.

Multiple railroad docks at Ohio Logistics Bellevue warehouse makes it easy for companies to move product in and out.


The facility includes six railroad docks, 17 semi-trailer docks and one overhead ground level door. The warehouse is still in the process of completing its railroad access, but it should be completed soon.

It is already in talks with other companies including a steel company from Germany, which it will begin to work with once the railroad access is completed.

“We pride ourselves on being partners with our clients,” Erwin said. “We’re full service. We are constantly evolving and changing to figure out a way to meet our customers’ demands.”

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