PEOPLEASE announces Leadership Transition

CFO Jerry White named President and CEO

PEOPLEASE, the leading provider of business solutions and risk management services for the transportation and logistics industry, named Jerry White its new President
and CEO effective October 5, 2018.

Jerry White joined PEOPLEASE in May of 2014 as CFO. Together with Sam Rossa, he brought leadership and direction to the organization during its formative growth years. A retooled customer-facing technology platform, more comprehensive risk management solutions, and best in class teams have been the hallmark of his tenure. PEOPLEASE has doubled the number of lives it serves since his arrival.

“I am excited to continue the legacy we are building here at PEOPLEASE. Our organization will adapt with agility as we widen our service offerings on the way to becoming the U.S. transportation and logistics market leader. It is an exciting time to take on this leadership role as we build on the current momentum and growth at PEOPLEASE to create a rewarding future for the company, our employees, and clients,” stated Jerry White.

Outgoing President and CEO Sam Rossa will lead AVC’s advisory group focused on developing key customer and industry relationships as the company expands its suite of transportation solutions.

“We have entered an incredibly energizing phase of the PEOPLEASE ascent. Sam will continue to be a great asset for the organization from his customer-facing advisory role as we pursue the next level of market leadership. Jerry White has consistently demonstrated the energy and solution mindset that we know will become the hallmark of PEOPLEASE,” said Chris Munro, co-founder of AVC Partners.

AVC co-founder and PEOPLEASE co-owner Marc Kramer offered his perspective on the future of the company: “This stage of growth will be characterized by deeper, more impactful relationships with target customers and agency partners, increased value from enhanced HR and financial solutions, and an energetic, empowered team.”

Founded in 1994, PEOPLEASE is a full-service, professional employer organization headquartered in Mount Pleasant, SC. The nation’s largest trucking and transportation PEO, PEOPLEASE serves hundreds of transportation customers nationwide, managing tens of thousands of employees.

PEOPLEASE ’s large employee base offers cost-effective human resources, administrative, financial, safety, and risk management solutions. By partnering with clients to assess and reduce risk, tackle administrative burdens, and achieve compliance, PEOPLEASE allows its customers to focus on core business operations and celebrate growth. More information can be found at

AVC Partners supports and invests in business owners to accelerate value creation and create niche market-leading franchises in transportation, logistics and business services. AVC helps growing companies scale, build higher performing leadership teams, and implement practical strategies to overcome typical ascent challenges. Today AVC Partners supports four high-growth companies. More information can be found at


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