How Fulfillment by Amazon Works (FBA)

Many have heard of the acronym FBA and have wondered what it means, FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon and it is a service that is only open to you when you sell on Amazon. It is a structure set up for the ease and convenience of the sellers on Amazon, and many people have been confused about the workings of the system but it is pretty simple, in a few steps in I will introduce you to all the things you need to know about fulfillment by Amazon.

This is the first step that you have to take, you have to ensure that you follow the fulfillment by Amazon stock preparation guidelines by labeling and packing the stock that is on its way to FBA before ensuring that you set up a shipping plan from your seller dashboard – you have to be a seller on Amazon to be able to do any of this. Some sellers make use of the Amazon partnered carriers for their inbound stock to fend off the Amazon inbound shopping fees that can prove to be a bother.


On receiving your product, Amazon then sorts it out and then stores it all into their warehouse. Amazon on sensing any need in a particular region might take your products over to the said location to be able to deliver those products faster – this procedure, however, does not include you into the process but it is for your benefit and to enable unrestricted sale of your product in the parts of the world that might need it.


This is the part where you bring in your marketing superpower to play, you put up your product on Amazon or any other marketing platform to promote the sales. You can even make use of social media platforms that have millions of users, it is a good spot for marketing as there is a great audience at your beck and call that might be in dire need of the product you are trying to sell. There are also the Amazon PPC ads that can help with your marketing scheme and long before you can think it, you will all ready have orders waiting to be met.


Over here you already have tons of orders, and whenever an order is placed on Amazon, the system processes the order immediately and sends it for fulfillment. When the orders are however made from any of the other platforms you have marketed on you can either create an MCF fulfillmentorder or you go to Amazon for the MCF fulfillment through whatever system you may be operating on.


This is the last step in fulfillment by Amazon, and this is where the products are picked, packaged and shipped to the customer. This occurs after all the orders have been directed to Amazon’s warehouse to be fulfilled.

Now fulfillment by Amazon is easy and reliable, there is nothing complex about this mode of operation at all. Basically selling on Amazon without the use of the FBA system might as well mean that you are losing a great deal on the opportunity to make more sales. The Fulfillment by Amazon system is literally an amazing selling machine, and from this Amazing Selling Machine review, I honestly do hope that you understand the procedures and you implement them to add a little spice to your business with Amazon. Get a whole lot of sales with the FBA and enjoy all of the benefits.



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