Meet the Board: Frank Anderson, CWLP

Taking a leadership position in an international association is a commitment of time and money. But it is an investment Frank Anderson, CWLP, president and CEO of RBW Logistics in Augusta, Ga., is glad he and his company have made.

“I’ve always been a strong believer that the more you put into something, the more you will get out of it,” Anderson says. “The International Warehouse Logistics Association has been a great resource for our company and for me personally. I took a leadership role in IWLA for two reasons: First, I like to be involved; and, secondly, it’s a way for me to give back to the industry leaders who have given so much to me over the years.”

Anderson was elected to the IWLA Board in 2011 and is serving as its 2018-2019 chairman. He also participates in the IWLA Food Council, the IWLA Political Action Committee, and various education steering committees.

“Our company wants to do more than just provide a service: We want to build, nurture, and protect partnerships. We maintain a vested interest in not only our business, but also the businesses we support,” Anderson explains. “We care about creating a smarter supply chain, providing the efficiency and visibility for your business to succeed.”

Keeping ahead of the curve in that smarter supply chain takes foresight, Anderson says. This is another area where IWLA helps RBW succeed.

“Technology is rapidly changing our industry, creating greater demands for skilled labor, systems, automation, and facilities,” Anderson says. “Our customers rely on us to find the right balance between these resources, with the expectation of delivering their goods to market faster and in a more cost-effective manner.”

Anderson is part of the fourth-generation at RBW, a family-owned company started in 1954. He joined the company in 1996. He is also active in the Southeast Warehouse Association (SWA) and served on its board of directors and as its president.

He holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from the University of Georgia. And, his industry-specific studies and participation in IWLA led to him achieving the Certified Warehouse Logistics Professional (CWLP) designation from the association. His term as IWLA chairman will end at the close of the 2019 IWLA Convention & Expo in Savannah, Ga., March 12.

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