How GPS Tracking is changing the game of logistics industry in 2019?

With the ever-increasing demand for supply chain visibility and transparency in the logistics lexicon, more and more businesses are empowering their fleet chain with a GPS tracking technology. The current scenario is that businesses don’t want to be sceptical if their orders are delivered at the right time or not. They need real-time visibility of their orders, shipments, and inventory across a network of business partners, both stationary and in transit.

An advance GPS tracking system helps businesses to monitor whether orders are scheduled according to plan or not, verify the status of current and past vehicle locations, eliminate every possible scope of disruption and many more. This capability of tracking and verifying the history of movements and transactional flow throughout all the stages allows businesses to respond to risks in a documented way and manage costs. In the logistics business marketplace, where accountability and real-time visibility are both paramount, GPS tracking technology is bound to provide a breakthrough by streamlining the complex problems of the fleet chain.

How GPS Tracking System is empowering all the SMEs out there?

SME’s are also making their businesses more competitive and productive by installing a GPS tracking system in their fleet chain. They are using it to get real-time information of their employees, real-time traffic updates, gather information, cut-down on fuel-wasting behaviour and improve the vehicle lifespan and efficiency. This advanced technology is making their fleet operations more organized and efficient, without a prohibitive cost. It is not only reducing the operational cost but also empowering fleet managers with vehicle management, detailed mileage and fuel consumption reports. In addition to this, it is giving fleet owners the flexibility of adjusting the routes by monitoring real-time traffic updates. With GPS tracking, enterprises don’t need to rely on the drivers to get the reports and stress about risks when their vehicles are on-duty.



How Fleet Tracking Management by TTBS is improving the day-to-day operations of SME’s?

For a very long time, there was no credible logistics tracking solution that could solve the problems associated with the fleet. But the scenario has changed these days. Fleet Management tracking by Tata Tele Business Services is leading the change by offering cutting-edge features like GPS tracking, vehicle status, route definition, route replay, geofencing, real-time alerts on over-speeding and idling, historical data storage, and many more. It helps real-time monitoring of on-duty driver performance, fuel consumption and route monitoring real-time, through a secure and user-friendly web/ mobile interface.

Features of Fleet Tracking Management by Tata Tele Business Services:

  • Provides real-time tracking of vehicles including speed monitoring, distance travelled, etc. on web/mobile interface so that businesses can evaluate their overall fleet chain.
  • Real-time alerts such as route deviation alerts and analytics through a secure portal and map view so that businesses can monitor and manage the fleet.
  • A plug-n-play solution for hired vehicles using the power source from a pre-fitted cigarette, lighter, charger socket for tracking devices.
  • Fuel consumption monitoring reports on insurance, PUC and service alerts.
  • Flexibility to create multiple sub-users with multiple viewing rights.
  • API-based ERP integration.

It assures an end to end service including device, application, and connectivity means greater accountability and lower cost of ownership. The quick and seamless deployment helps businesses to get started at the earliest and manage your fleet chain effectively. TTBS gives PAN India coverage for location-based services and assures 24/7 service support to make the process more efficient and automated.

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