9 Tips for Maximizing Logistics Effectiveness and Reducing Logistics Costs

In the world driven by disruptive technology, adapting to change is no more a choice for the betterment of your business. By not adapting to change, people in Logistics Industry may risk their survival.

We have been learning that the key for any business is its ability to accelerate and match the speed at which the world is changing. This is true across all the industries and Logistics is not anymore, an exception.

Off late, Logistics industry has been facing several issues and some of them include:
• Not being able to match the supply for the demand
• Shortage of good truck drivers
• Immediate need for an automated system
• Immediate need for a cost-effective way of running the business

All these are being seen to become more evident in near future.
If you are an aggressive business owner, you will now realize the need for transformation for easily tackling such issues.

At Bigtruck, we are working out things easily for Cargo Owners as well as Truck Owners. We are also aiming at bridging the gap between the current scenario in the Logistics industry and what we see as the future of Logistics.

Through Bigtruck App, we have thoughtfully integrated technology to help people in the industry, get rid of their current issues. We want to help Truck Owners get shipment orders constantly and to grow their business to the next level. At the same time, Cargo Owners should be able to get their shipment delivered at lowest rates.
However, we do understand that you will need much more clarity in knowing how transformation from the primitive method of doing business to bringing efficiency by adopting technology for a result-oriented logistics can overall benefit your business.
Here are a few tips to help you adopt Efficient and Result-oriented logistics:
Keep the cost low and still earn good revenue

With use of Bigtruck Platform, you will be minimizing your cost and maximizing your earning potential. You may plan to take multiple shipment over a single transit. If your truck is doing a transit towards a particular destination, you may find multiple shipment orders, for which delivery points are in the same direction.
You may also find work orders after your truck has left to reach a particular destination. Subsequently, you will have ample time to find return loads for your truck.
Charge competitively

The ability to find multiple shipment for single transit will give you an edge over charging nominal rates to Cargo Owners. This will obviously motivate Cargo Owners to give you more shipment orders. While you are making a good revenue, Cargo Owners are saving good money too.
Building an effective Team

Integrating data collecting sensors within vehicles has proved very good to some Fleet Owners. Through this, they are constantly tracking whereabouts of the vehicle and getting updates on likely time of delivery.
This is helping the Fleet Owners to know which Driver is an overachiever and which Driver is an underachiever. This way, they are able to manage their human resources properly by retaining efficient Drivers with them.
Adopt efficient means for Loading, Routing and Driving

In the year 2005, Walmart was able to double their on-time fleet deliveries, with use of technologies for loading, routing and driving. They worked with their associates in bringing more efficient techniques for simplifying processes, taking action during emergencies and getting alerts on bad or congested routes.
This way, they were able to bring a streamlined system in place for safe and on-time deliveries.
Adapt to Change

Although, most of the people in Logistics business have realized the importance of adopting technology driven, efficient and result-oriented Logistics, but only a quarter of them have been able to effectively embrace them.
So, you stand a good chance if you want to make use of digitization at the right time by using platforms like Bigtruck and integrating technology in to your Logistics business right away.
Go Green

With increasing air and noise pollution that is causing hazards to the environment, Logistics industry should also need to think about going green and being eco-friendly.
They have to reduce fuel consumption, change drivers’ driving habits and ensure multiple deliveries in minimum transits. This can be achieved only through a streamlined system backed by latest technologies for live tracking of transit and observing Drivers’ driving patterns.
Have a solid plan ready

Efficient logistics is all about laying a structured and well laid plan. The lesser the decisions that need to be taken during the transportation, the better it is. While a solid plan can never cover emergency circumstances, it can minimize the possibility of chaos and extemporary options.
An efficient Logistics Manager will ensure planning is done well in advance and the system is in order avoiding any delays in the processes.
A Contingency Plan

It really doesn’t matter how foolproof your Logistics plan is. As already mentioned, it is impossible to lay a plan for every possible eventuality. A good Logistics Manager will not keep quiet once a plan is laid. They keep constantly following up with the Truck Drivers, at every point.
At each and every step and process, systematic measures are taken so as to instantly come up with a contingency plan in case of any glitch. System and processes are designed to be automated so that there is enough clarity on when to stick to their plan and when to switch over to a contingency plan. Though, this can be mastered through experience.
Hire a Logistics Manager with strong interpersonal skills

If your Logistics Manager is good with people and has a strong network of industry contacts, he will be in a position to take action immediately, even while the truck is on transit towards the destination. In case the Driver falls sick and arrangement have to made for another Driver, your Logistics Owner should be able to take immediate action.

Source: https://www.dcvelocity.com/products/Transportation/20190529-9-tips-for-maximizing-logistics-effectiveness-and-reducing-logistics-costs/

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