Food and logistics platform secures grant to scale up

An innovative food and logistics platform that aims to improve the speed, efficiency and cost of shipping food ingredients from-farm-to-fork in restaurant industry has secured a major grant.

Cogoport Europe is collaborating with Milvum to support Royal Blue & Orange International Trading (RBO Trading) – all three based in The Hague, in the Netherlands.

They are creating RBO Trading’s B2B conscious and ethical food ingredient, equipment & logistics platform using Blockchain/AI.

The marketplace will support the sourcing of best quality and most cost-effective food ingredients and logistics with end to end verifiable social impact.

The system will immediately benefit farmers, producers of food, logistics providers and ultimately consumers across Europe, Middle East and Africa who otherwise don’t benefit from volume-driven sourcing or purchasing power of goods.

Targeted to launch for all markets in mid-2020, the platform has now been awarded a major subsidy from Innovation Stimulation (MIT) – a joint initiative from the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and the Province of South-Holland (Zuid-Holland), which invests in projects that are innovative, have universal social impact and increase connectivity.

RBO’s conscious and ethical platform using blockchain ranked among the 10 most important investment propositions from more than 100 applications that were considered by MIT.

RBO Trading is a key supplier of ethical and conscious food ingredients and equipment to the fast food industry. It is a global approved supplier for three multinational chains and several local food companies.

Says Sukai Ceesay, CEO/Founder of RBO Trading: “Our end to end, conscious and ethical flow of food ingredients, equipment & logistics platform using blockchain/AI will give every farmer and food manufacturer a chance to grow their business and show their product for what it is.

“The simple disclosures on our marketplace are integral for food security, ethical flow of logistics and finances…from product origin, to channels travelled, traceability and verification.

“When launched, it will make the supply chain more transparent and drive down unit costs for its participants. Cogoport is already delivering these benefits into other SME sectors and digital transactions will help us expand to more regions quicker.”

Milvum, a digital transformation agency, is currently developing the blockchain shipping platform, which will link directly into Cogoport’s existing global shipping portal.


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