FMCSA Proposes Changes to Hours-of-Service Rule

The Federal Motor Carrier and Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a notice of proposed rulemaking that would, among other changes, increase truck drivers’ flexibility in using their 30-minute rest break, extend on-duty time for drivers encountering adverse weather by two hours, and modify the sleeper birth exception to allow drivers to split their required 10 hours off-duty into two periods.


The proposed changes to the hours-of-service rule is the result of a 2017 executive order requesting agencies to “alleviate unnecessary regulatory burdens placed on the American people.” In a FMCSA press release, Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao said, “this proposed rule seeks to enhance safety by giving America’s commercial drivers more flexibility while maintaining the safety limits on driving time.”


FMCSA Administrator Raymond Martinez is calling on all drivers and CMV stakeholders to share their thoughts on the proposed rule changes in the Federal Register after its scheduled publication on Tuesday.

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