U.S. to Remain in International Postal Organization After Successful Negotiations

On the September 25, the Universal Postal Union (UPU) announced that member countries agreed to a set of rules on international remuneration rates that would allow countries adopt self-declared rates for terminal dues. This change was primarily brought about by a threat from the U.S. to withdraw from the UPU if it did not act to reform the remuneration system. The Administration was greatly concerned about the current rules that allowed countries like China to take advantage of low rates to ship large volumes of goods into the U.S. through the USPS. In many cases the previous rules made it cheaper for goods to be shipped internationally to the U.S., than if they had been shipped domestically. This agreement is thought to likely bring about higher shipping rates from the USPS, as well as reduce the price difference between USPS and private shippers.

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