Two-Year Delay of Commercial Driver Training Rule Implementation Expected

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) is reportedly preparing to release a notice that the formal implementation of the Entry Level Driver Training  (ELDT) rule, which was slated for February 7, 2020, will be delayed by up to two years. The FMCSA announced this summer that technical issues would mean a two-year delay of the online verification portion of the rule. However, the system is still facing broader hurdles that have prompted the FMCSA to delay implementation of the rule in its entirety.

The ELDT rule establishes new training standards for individuals applying for class A or B commercial driver license (CDL) for the first time, as well as those seeking to upgrade their CDL. Drivers would have to complete a course of training that fulfills established standards laid out in the ELDT rule. Many stakeholders have voiced concerns surrounding compliance, enforcement, and safety with a piecemeal rollout of the rule’s implementation.

IWLA supports efforts to enhances the safety of commercial motor vehicle (CMV) operations on the road and hopes that the full implementation of the ELDT rule is completed in a way that benefits both the public and commercial drivers. Additionally, standardized training requirements have the potential to raise the image of commercial drivers and the profession, which is vital to addressing the nation’s driver shortage as it will help attract new CMV operators.

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