LumenFocus Joined International Warehouse Association (IWLA)

LumenFocus recently joined IWLA and became a partner member. They are a manufacturer of highly efficient LED luminaires and retrofit kits. With a 100,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Henderson, NC, LumenFocus’ goal is to manufacture the most energy efficient, high quality and economical luminaires possible.

The LumenFocus product catalog features a wide array of luminaire types for a variety of applications. These products are offered with many lumen packages and options, enabling LumenFocus to offer comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects. LumenFocus’ engineer-to-order retrofit and new luminaire capabilities allow the company to offer solutions tailored to customers’ exact lighting needs.

In addition to manufacturing, LumenFocus offers a variety of services, like photometric analysis, energy and cost avoidance proposals, and lighting audits to help support businesses and provide the best LED lighting solutions to customers. LumenFocus also offers a tax consulting program to help customers maximize their ROI and recover their upfront investment quickly.

LumenFocus is led by a management team with about 30 years of experience in the lighting industry. The company’s products are designed not only to be energy efficient, but easy to handle and install in the field.

LumenFocus holds product quality in the highest regard. Every luminaire and retrofit kit gets tested before it goes into a box. Each product gets plugged in and inspected to make sure every LED illuminates. Watt meters are used to ensure the wattage of each product is where it needs to be.

Currently there are over 970 LumenFocus products listed on the DesignLights Consortium Qualified Products List.

LumenFocus offers indoor, outdoor and specialty luminaires. The premium high bay – the PBL – is available in multiple sizes and lumen outputs, and can be used in a variety of warehousing applications. Replacing HID luminaires 1-for-1 with the PBL could save up to 75 percent in energy costs. Compared to fluorescent fixtures, savings could be up to 55 percent. Efficacies up to 175.2 lumens per watt are possible with the PBL.

LumenFocus also offers high bays ideal for aisle lighting, as well as vaportight high/low bays for harsher conditions. The catalog also features retrofit kits, strip fixtures, troffers, exit signs, flood lights, street lights, and much more. LumenFocus offers a wide array of controls for many of the products in the catalog – from standard on/off occupancy sensors, to more advance network controls.

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