LumenFocus Leads the Way in Major Warehouse LED Upgrade

Warehouses in the Midwest are experiencing improved lighting and lower energy bills thanks to a recent upgrade to LumenFocus LED high bays.

The Henderson, NC-based lighting manufacturer provided the luminaires that were installed in three distribution centers totaling about 750,000 square feet. The customer requested improved light levels. Utilizing the PBL series of LED high bays, LumenFocus was able to greatly improve light levels to the warehouse floor and aisles while using significantly less wattage.

The customer retrofitted their 400-watt metal halide fixtures 1-for-1 using the PBL LED high bay in open areas and the PBLA LED aisle-lighter in the aisleways. Occupancy sensors were included – pre-installed on the new fixtures.

With this upgrade, light levels were improved 3-4 times what they were with the metal halide units. The customer will experience energy savings of 50-64 percent utilizing the higher efficiency LED technology. Maintenance costs will be reduced thanks to the longer life of the LEDs. Also, the addition of the occupancy sensors will further increase energy savings by reducing burn hours while also extending the life of the luminaires.

Based on utility rates and hours of operation, the customer will experience a 1.5 to 2.5-year payback on this project.

Above the fixtures used

The PBLA is an ideal LED solution for warehouse aisles and corridors. This fixture features an enhanced specular reflector that is designed to provide even vertical illumination on shelving and optimize aisleway lighting.

It is available in 4-foot or 8-foot lengths. Lumen output can range from 12,000 lumens to 24,000 in the 4-footer, and 23,000 to 49,000 in the 8-footer. The PBLA is capable of efficacies up to 168.3 lumens per watt – drastically more efficient than more traditional light sources like fluorescent or HID. With an L70 lifetime of up to 189,000 calculated hours, the PBLA should provide high quality, efficient and reliable illumination for years to come.

The PBL is an extremely versatile general area high bay available in a wide variety of options and lumen output packages. There are two lengths (2-foot and 4-foot), and two widths (Standard and Wide). Output ranges from 9,000 to over 68,000 lumens, so LumenFocus can provide the exact light level needed. It is capable of efficacies up to 175.2 lumens per watt. The PBL also has an L70 lifetime of up to 189,000 calculated hours.

h the PBLA and PBL are available with multiple control options to help maximize energy savings – ranging from on/off occupancy sensors to more sophisticated “smart” network controls from companies like Enlighted.

The PBL and PBLA are upgradeable through Re-boardABILITY. With Re-boardABILITY, LumenFocus has provided an easy pathway to replace and upgrade LED boards. This provides customers with a method to always possess the most efficient boards possible for their luminaires. And in the rare event of board failure, technicians can rapidly and easily swap out new boards in their fixtures.

About LumenFocus

LumenFocus is a manufacturer of highly efficient LED luminaires and retrofit kits based out of Henderson, NC. We focus on manufacturing the most energy efficient, high quality, economical luminaires possible. LumenFocus offers a wide array of luminaire types, each with a variety of lumen output packages and options, enabling us to offer very comprehensive energy avoidance lighting packages for all types of projects. Our engineered-to-order retrofit and new luminaire capabilities allow us to offer solutions tailored to your exact lighting needs.

LumenFocus is led by an upper management team with individuals that average about 30 years in the lighting industry. With assembly based out of our 100,000 square foot factory in North Carolina, LumenFocus offers a wide variety of Buy American Act compliant fixtures.

We offer a variety of services in addition to manufacturing, like photometric analysis, energy and cost avoidance proposals, lighting audits, and tax incentive consultation to help provide the best LED lighting solutions.

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