Nulogy releases its first AI-powered capability to drive leaner external supply chains

Nulogy, a leading provider of agile supply chain solutions, today announced the release of its first product capability powered by artificial intelligence. Nulogy’s new AI-driven feature leverages predictive analytics to enable contract manufacturers, contract packagers, and value-added third party logistics providers to optimize the production rate and labor on each SKU in their inventory, maximizing efficiency and minimizing waste for leaner operations and sustained business growth.

Nulogy’s AI-powered capability helps suppliers save time and money through smarter, more accurate estimates of production rate and personnel. The feature is projected to cut down variance between a site’s expected and actual production performance rates from 33 percent to 15 percent or less, resulting in higher consistency and accuracy during production.

“Machine-based learning opens up powerful opportunities to streamline and automate complex, manual production workflows,” said Tai Toh, Vice President, Product, Nulogy. “Nulogy’s new feature is one such opportunity, allowing external suppliers to harness their own production data to drive site efficiencies and enable leaner, more agile operations.”

Leveraging a unique recommendation algorithm, Nulogy’s solution predicts expected production and labor rates based on historical production data where available, or approximations based on similar SKUs.

To learn more about how Nulogy’s Agile Customization Platform enables brands and their external supply chain partners to collaborate to unlock agility and growth, visit us at Table 13 during the 2020 CPA Annual Meeting in Tucson, Arizona, February 19-21, 2020.

About Nulogy

Nulogy’s cloud-based Agile Customization Platform allows consumer brands to respond with ease and speed to a volatile retail and consumer environment while reducing waste and costs. Designed to optimize contract packaging and manufacturing operations and enhance supply chain collaboration, Nulogy’s software solution allows consumer brands and their external suppliers to unleash innovation in the consumer products value chain and accelerate brand growth. Visit Nulogy online at

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