An Update from the IWLA Executive Committee

IWLA leaders continue to monitor government regulations and recommendations for group meetings. It is still unclear how long there will be a need for social distancing and a moratorium on gatherings with more than 250 people.

IWLA leaders met again Sunday with representatives from the 2020 venue, Paradise Point, with the hope of rescheduling the convention to later in 2020. Right now, the most viable timeframe would be early August. Discussions will continue this week and we will again reach out to you once plans are set.

Until that time, please have patience as we navigate these uncharted waters. We are dedicated to finding a safe and responsible solution that still achieves the goals of fostering relationships among IWLA members and partners, offering timely and practical professional education, and making the warehouse logistics industry stronger than ever.

Please also watch for more information from IWLA about tackling your business in this age of coronavirus.

We will be using social media, email communication, and the IWLA website to keep you updated as plans continue to solidify. Note: This message is being sent to all IWLA members — not just those who had registered for the convention.

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