UPDATE FROM IWLA: Warehouse Logistics in a COVID-19 World

COVID-19 has already drastically changed the world: Our resilience, our preparedness, and our economies are being put to the test. As this is uncharted waters, IWLA wants to help you find answers.

Many IWLA members are already sharing the contingency and continuity plans — and we are working to get these examples in the hands of all members. And, we are putting together a webinar that will showcase what warehouse owners from across North America are doing — and how you can follow suit.


We are also putting together a “rapid response team” of our expert members — from the board, from our partner community, from our legal team, and more — to quickly address questions that, as yet, have no quick answers.

We will be emailing you warehouse-logistics-industry specific information as we have it. Between those times, we encourage you to help us find answers. Share your solutions with us so we can keep the industry strong.

Here are some questions we are tackling now:

  • Are other warehouses monitoring employee temperatures as they enter facilities? (Some partner members are helping us find answers/solutions.)
  • What records of employee interaction, tracking, and health are warehouses documenting?
  • How are warehouses interacting with truck drivers who arrive at your facility?

We are also working to ensure that IWLA members who handle food are designated as “essential.” This will ensure that the food supply chain keeps moving.

IWLA will be sharing and posting answers to these questions — and more. Please send your inquiries to mail@IWLA.com. We will help you find a solution or find a resource who can help.

5 responses to “UPDATE FROM IWLA: Warehouse Logistics in a COVID-19 World

  1. We look forward to best practice recommendations on what to do in a Coronoavirus world. We are heavily involved in the fresh food logistics business. We need guidelines about what to do if one of our crew is tested positive.

  2. We need recommended best practices for operating a food facility under the Coronavirus pandemic

    • Hi Jenni,

      IWLA has put together a “Rapid Response Team” to assist our members regarding COVID-19. Please continue to watch the IWLA1891 Blog and email communications for upcoming webinars on COVID-19 and other resources.

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