3PL Warehouses: Working Together to Keep Your Trucks Moving

Each day brings new challenges. As states and municipalities make declarations and shift the rules of commerce, warehouse and transportation work can be affected.

For example, drivers delivering to or working in states with “shelter in place” orders may find themselves in limbo as receiving customers may be shut down. Drivers may have nowhere to unload and continue their work.


It is times like these when the IWLA network can help: If you have a carrier in need — who cannot complete his/her work because of COVID-19 restrictions — turn to fellow members. There are IWLA members in nearly every state. If you need somewhere for a truck to unload because a customer is closed, let IWLA help you find a fellow member who can take in the freight on a temporary basis. If necessary, the good-samaritan 3PL can finalize the delivery when the flow returns to normal. Compensation details can be worked out at a later date.


Let IWLA help you find the resources/fellow member contacts you need. Simply email mail@IWLA.com with your problem. Or call 847.813.0114 and we will research and help you find another IWLA company that may provide a solution.

IWLA and its members help keep your business moving.

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