How Computer Vision can improve warehouse safety during the coronavirus outbreak

While many companies’ operations have come to a halt due to the coronavirus outbreak, the warehouses and distribution centers that make up America’s supply chain continue to operate. Many logistics networks are as busy as they have ever been, working around the clock to prevent the empty store shelves that people are seeing on the news.

OneTrack makes warehouses safer and faster using Computer Vision. In the midst of this outbreak, our technology can be used in a number on unique ways to ensure your facilities remain safe for your entire team:

Enforce social distancing. Public health guidelines encourage people to maintain at least a six foot distance from each other. OneTrack’s Computer Vision technology can measure how often multiple people are around a forklift and alert managers to follow up with those team members.

Enable remote facility management. OneTrack uses Machine Learning to identify safety and productivity issues in real-time. With OneTrack continuously monitoring facility operations, more warehouse managers can work remotely without negatively impacting throughput.

Coach new forklift operators. Some warehouses are having to put new forklift operators to work quickly with unplanned absences amid growing demand. OneTrack’s algorithms allow you to quickly evaluate the driving behavior of new forklift operators and provide coaching opportunities so that they can become full contributors quickly without being safety risks.

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