Manufacturer uses lessons learned in China to keep production going

Lessons learned from one of its plants in China is helping Lincolnshire-based manufacturer Flexan work to meet increased demand for its products needed by medical professionals to combat the COVID-19 pandemic.

About 90 percent of the custom manufacturer’s business is associated with medical devices, from molded rubber components that support valves in respirators and oxygen pumps to components in pacemakers and fully assembled catheters used for vascular access, according to Flexan CEO Jim Fitzgerald.

“This includes increases for ventilator parts, which have surged by 800%, increases in parts for water filtration and other fluid monitoring, and increases in critical care catheters,” Fitzgerald said via email.

In order to meet that demand, the company has adapted work procedures at its Lincolnshire and Chicago facilities to protect its employees from potential exposure to the virus by adopting procedures used at its Suzhou, China, plant when the pandemic began its spread there earlier this year, Fitzgerald said.

“Through the lessons learned on social distancing, use of protective apparel, wellness screening and extensive facility cleaning, we did not have any incidents of Flexan employees in China contracting the virus,” Fitzgerald said.

Additional steps the company has taken locally include adjusting shift schedules, reducing the number of people on a break at any time, and dedicating specific doors to specific groups of employees.

“Between our two locations in the Chicagoland area today, we only had two production staff call out of work, out of approximately 200,” Fitzgerald said.

He added employees have embraced their work “as a call of duty at a time when our work is needed the most.” A number of Flexan’s 200 global customers have also stepped up to help support the company’s operation.

“When the shelter in place order was issued, we received 16 letters from the leadership at our customers designating us as essential in support of their similar designation, and offering their support to help us keep our operations safe and active,” he said.

Flexan’s goal is to continue to keep up with the demand for its parts and supplies to tis customers, as well as others who require products it can make.

“I think our team, along with so many other people doing so many other good things, have embraced the fact that we are truly in this together,” Fitzgerald said.


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