7 Tips to Improve Your Video Business Meetings

As millions of Americans shift to a work-from-home environment, people are conducting the majority of their business meetings via video for the first time.

First American has long been a leader in equipping a mobile-enabled workforce. It operates a digital-first equipment finance operation and serves clients in all 50 states. After completing more than 30,000 web-based video meetings during the last 5 years, we offer these 7 tips for successful virtual communications.

1) Turn on Your Camera

Video communication is the key to making a human connection with clients and coworkers – a vital connection that is more important now than ever. In your next meeting, encourage your co-workers enable their cameras, as studies show that 93% of communication is non-verbal.

2) Brighten the Day

Make sure the lighting in front of you is brighter than the lighting behind you. If you have a window nearby, face the window instead of having it in the background. This will ensure your image is clear and crisp to the other participants.

3) Look Behind You

Ensure you have a professional background for virtual meetings. If working from home, consider a background wall with pictures or shelves. Don’t take this too seriously, if co-workers have a glimpse into your home, it enhances the human connection.

4) Elevate Your Camera

Raise your camera and/or laptop to eye level for face-to-face communications, avoiding the awkward and unflattering low camera angles.

5) Lights! Camera! Action!

Keep your energy level high and your speaking cadence natural. Remember that this is a person-to-person conversation. When listening, make extra effort to nod or make non-verbal cues, instead of multi-tasking.

6) Speak into the Dot

Many people struggle with this one. When speaking, look into the camera lens. The moment you begin your remarks, the rest of the meeting will look at your image. Enhance that experience for everyone by looking into the camera.

7) Take 5

Minutes, that is. Carve out time prior to your video meeting to prepare and test all equipment and connectivity, look at yourself on screen, critically examine your background, and make certain you have access to all documents and files you need to conduct business.

Source: https://www.faef.com/blog/video-business-meeting-tips

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