COVID-19 Story: Weber Logistics proud of associates

Since the COVID-19 outbreak, Americans have become increasingly aware of the important role that the logistics industry plays in our daily lives. This awareness has translated to widespread appreciation of logistics workers – the men and women who operate the trucks and warehouses that make the industry run.

At Weber Logistics, we are immensely proud of the way that all our associates have risen to the challenges created by COVID-19.  We also want to highlight the efforts of one key set of employees that tend to get overlooked: our Human Resources Department.

Headed by Derick Quintana-Hooker, Senior Director, our Human Resources team has truly gone above and beyond to protect the health of our workforce and keep operations moving.

Once the COVID-19 epidemic hit, Weber’s HR team sprang into action by aligning with CDC guidelines and implementing company-wide protocols related to sanitation, hygiene and social distancing at all 12 of our facilities.

From there, the arduous task began of procuring the necessary PPE (e.g., masks, gloves, disinfectants) to keep our associates and facilities safe.  Our HR team worked with a variety of vendors to coordinate deliveries and also hit the road themselves – visiting over 30 area stores to bolster our stock of needed supplies.  We now have a 4-week supply on-hand at each facility, along with an emergency backup supply and a centralized ordering system where associates can place orders for the items they need.

Additional HR efforts related to the COVID-19 outbreak have included:

  • The hosting of regular Town Hall meetings where employees can receive information updates, address concerns and ask questions.
  • The modification of sick time policy so that employees who feel ill – but have not yet accrued paid sick time – would receive paid sick time to discourage coming to work when feeling unwell.
  • Partnering with our benefits carrier to set up teledoc services for employees. Co-pays are waived for visits that could be related to COVID-19.
  • Implementing a mandatory mask policy and temperature checks at all facilities.
  • Rolling out a COVID-19-based training course through our eLearning system to the entire employee population. Employees are reimbursed for time and data usage for taking this course.

Our hats are off to the logistics associates that are persevering through this crisis – and the Human Resources teams that support them.


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