IWLA “Thanks Warehouse Workers” Downloadable Design File

Thanks for helping spread the word and for thanking the warehouse workers who are key to keeping the supply chain moving. Attached is the design file for the campaign. It is optimized for an 18 x 24-inch sign, but can be adapted any way and in any setting you wish. We were trying to work with a sign company to offer a discount to all our members and ship orders directly, but I cannot find a source to do this economically. So, feel free to work with a local provider if you do want to create signs to give your employees or to put around your warehouse.

If/when you do use this, please send us pictures. And, if you cite this campaign in your social media please tag @IWLA_US and use #3PLWarehousingStrong.

Hope you and yours are staying healthy during this pandemic.

IWLA_ThanksYardSign PDF

IWLA ThanksYardSign_JPEG


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