DHL collaborates with Avidbots on warehouse robots

International logistics company DHL has announced details of an expanded partnership with Avidbots in the North American region.

Centred on Avidbots’ Neo model, an automated commercial floor cleaning robot enabled by intelligent mapping software and obstacle-avoidance technology, the company will now have the opportunity to deploy it in warehouses, hubs and terminals across the world.

With DHL operating in more than 220 countries, the Ontario-based Avidbots will have the opportunity to fully deploy its advanced tech solution on a global scale.

Propelling digitisation

Whilst other areas of supply chain and logistics are being thoroughly explored for automation potential, particularly usage of AI (artificial intelligence) and ML (machine learning) in forecasting, warehouse maintenance is an area which could arguably be overlooked.

Matthias Heutger, Snr VP at DHL, saw the partnership with Avidbots as indicative of DHL’s all-pervasive approach to digital transformation, “We’re excited to deploy additional Avidbots at DHL warehouses across the globe, propelling our digitalisation journey forward.

“Floor-cleaning robots, while a simple innovation, reduces up to 80% of labour hours spent cleaning. This frees up our staff to engage in more value-adding, customer-centric work while driving our Strategy 2025 digitalisation agenda forward.”

Noted for its particular utility in busy and fast-paced work environments, the Neo is a digital solution to employee health and safety, using 3D sensors, cameras and AI to seamlessly navigate.

From North America to the world

Although a relatively young company – it was founded in 2014 – Avidbots has managed to successfully expand on its original, North America-focused 2019 deal with DHL to deploy its robots on every continent.

Realising that automated cleaning robots have limited use if they cannot navigate dynamic working environments, the company’s intelligent Neo model has overcome this obstacle to find utilisation in warehouses, airports, hospitals, universities and more.

“DHL’s strong vote of confidence in the Neo floor-scrubbing robot is a testament to the hard work the entire Avidbots team has put into building the world’s only fully-autonomous floor-scrubbing robot,” said Faizan Shiekh, CEO and co-founder. “We’re thrilled to expand our partnership.”


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