How will 5G benefit the logistics industry?

With the invention of the 5G network, so many conspiracy theories flooded the internet. People are spreading all these rumors about how the 5G network is harmful to our health, but none of those theories are actually proven. In fact, the reality is completely different, as the 5G network comes with many good sides, especially for businesses. With that in mind, here is an example of how 5G will benefit the logistics industry.

Increased supply chain visibility

One of the biggest issues in the logistics department is the lack of visibility in the supply chain. When covering regions and areas that are labeled as “dead zones”, the visibility of the process is almost nonexistent.

Since 5G brings improved geo-location, this could permanently fix the problem due to better visibility of delays and unplanned issues.

Additionally, the 5G network will also be beneficial in highly populated regions. The issue here was that the tracking abilities were slowed down due to strained networks, which will not be an issue with 5G.

How 5G works with IoT

There are more and more companies out there who use the Internet of Things technology to build automated processes for their business. It is a fact that IoT provides great opportunities for companies.

Due to the ability of 5G to transfer large amounts of data quickly, there is a great use for this network in conjunction with IoT. For example, with the help of the 5G network, you could trigger automated events that could re-stock depleted parts. This not only saves time but is also a fantastic proactive move to prevent company losses. Another example would be to automate the process in case of delivery delays due to any circumstances. You could build automated replies to remedy any issue, or at least be informed about it on time.

Improved continuous tracking

Since the 5G network allows cheaper IoT sensors, there is a possibility to prevent revenue leakage and improve continuous tracking. Consequently, single item tagging and inventory checking are significantly improved. With the end-to-end visibility of the entire process made possible, you can track all the changes. For example, if a truck changes weight at one moment, that could indicate a potential issue. With that in mind, the conjunction between 5G and IoT is just a winning combination.

Logistics in the moving industry

I spent some time talking with the professionals from Transparent International, asking what kind of impact they see on moving with the integration with 5G. The same way other businesses use logistics, in the relocation industry everything is in delivering customers’ belongings on time and without any issues.

Major delays in the moving industry happen due to unpredicted weather conditions, traffic jams, or issues with paperwork in cases of long distant shipping.

With what we discussed until now, it is clear how improved visibility influences more than one industry. With the improved efficiency, customers will have more solutions to pick from.

Communication and repairs with the use of Virtual and Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality have substantially improved in the last few years. With the introduction of the 5G network, their capabilities and usage will expand.

Let’s say that a delivery truck breaks down in the middle of the road. If the road support cannot arrive quickly, there will be a major delay. However, with the use of VR and AR, the driver could receive clear instructions on how to inspect the vehicle and determine the cause of the problem. This will give an approximate estimate of the situation, or even resolve the issue.

Furthermore, AR has the ability to be integrated within the truck to enable point recognition, and increase the driver’s safety.

Short-term goals in the next period

We have established how 5G will benefit the logistics industry in the long run. Aside from that, there are also short-term goals. As of now, many companies are racing in building their 5G networks. This is a huge task that requires a substantial amount of resources and planning.

However, those who win in this race will have the opportunity to seize the market before everyone else. As with everything else, pioneers in the business have a high rate of success. Those companies will grab as many customers as possible, and flip the entire logistics market.

The 5G network is the future

Will 5G benefit the logistics industry? Most absolutely yes! It is a fact that must be embraced. 5G will not only improve the logistics industry but will also become a great asset for many other industries. It is the future of business, and the sooner we accept it, the better!


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