Essentials Course Highlights the Evolution of 3PLs in the Global Supply Chain

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Where can you find the next generation of warehouse-based, third-party logistics leaders? Many participate in the IWLA Essentials of Warehousing Course to gain industry-specific knowledge from top experts in virtually every business sector in the industry.

The October 1-4, 2013, event will take place at the University of Maryland, in Adelphi, Md., home to Lisa Harrington, professor of Supply Chain Management at the Robert H. Smith School of Business. She also serves as the associate director of the Supply Chain Management Center at the Smith School—a research-driven program focused on newly emerging areas.

Harrington will be presenting her research during the session which also happens to be the subject of her 2010 book, X-SCM: The New Science of X-treme Supply Chain Management, highlighting the nature of change and what it means for supply chains and specifically for 3PLs.

“Supply chains have undergone a tremendous amount of change as a result of the recession, natural disasters, political upheavals, globalization and explosive growth in emerging markets,” Harrington says. “Now more than ever, companies readjust services and operations to accommodate a highly volatile business environment that thrives on speed of information and new technologies.”

Harrington, who will present during the 2013 Essentials Course, says students will return home with a better understanding of the evolution of the supply chain and what drives their warehouse-based 3PL customers’ business. She also predicts they will receive valuable insights into opportunities to broaden their roles in supporting customers.

“Third-party logistics companies are more integrated in the overall supply chain strategy; it’s like a fine art, that manufacturers no longer want to keep up with so they look to 3PLs to be innovative and drive solutions,” Harrington says.

For example, cloud–based management systems are an innovation that have broadened the level of visibility across multiple supply chains and increased the speed of transmitting communication and information.

Students will also have a chance to sit in one of Harrington’s undergraduate university courses: Executive Seminar in Supply Chain Management. “It’s a seminar on leadership and executives in the supply chain industry, in which senior-level executives from supply chain companies visit the class to speak about the industry and how they moved through the various stages of their careers,” she says.

Register before Sept. 16, for the 2013 Essentials of Warehousing Course and reserve your reduced room rate or check out the full agenda here.


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