IWLA Survey Will Guide New Programs and Goals Based on Your Needs

It’s good practice to evaluate your business.mem-needs

In the coming weeks IWLA membership will receive an email with a link to the IWLA Member-Needs Assessment. This survey, commissioned by IWLA leadership to evaluate the association’s products, services, and image, will shape what IWLA offers in the future. IWLA is working with a third-party research provider to conduct the survey and help analyze the data into actionable results.

Several years have passed since the last all-member survey.  In that time, the association has added and evolved its benefits, events and other services.

Just as you ask your customers for honest feedback, IWLA is requests the same honesty. We want to ensure that your association provides programs that are productive and relevant to you.

The survey will focus on:

  • Perception of IWLA
  • IWLA Member Benefits
  • IWLA Education
  • IWLA Communications/Website
  • IWLA Convention & Expo
  • Better understanding of member demographics

In addition, we will ask some similar questions of prospective members and former members to get a holistic view of where IWLA stands.

Thank you in advance, for giving us a few moments of your time, to share your honest opinions about what IWLA means to you and your unique business needs.  As we develop our 2014 work plan and initiatives, you can be sure that we will be dedicating time and financial resources to the most beneficial areas of membership.

And if you find that you or your colleagues are not taking full advantage of your membership, please do not hesitate to contact us with your questions or comments at mail@IWLA.com or call (847) 813-4699.

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