IWLA Tech/Ops Conference: Big Focus on Big Data

mobile-technologiesIt’s a data-driven world and the Nov. 6 – 8, 2013, IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions Conference in Chicago has at least two sessions devoted to navigating the complex world of warehouse business intelligence.

“Business intelligence in warehousing today is all about taking data and turning it into useful information,” says Macy Bergoon, vice president of technology at ODW Logistics Inc., and participant on the 2013 Tech/Ops Steering Committee. “[This session is about] analyzing data differently, making it visual and taking data from different places across the operations and viewing it in a meaningful way.”

But what exactly does that mean? Bergoon cites a trend toward using warehouse data for financial modeling, productivity, operations, executive dashboards for tracking products, sales trends and regional consumption. The ability to provide business intelligence to your clients is the latest value-added service offered by top-tiered warehouse-based third-party logistics companies.

Bergoon along with Douglas Varga, senior manager IT, Barrett Distribution Centers and Kevin Collier, Goggin Warehousing LLC, will join moderator Kristi Montgomery of Kenco Logistics Services and chairwoman of the Tech/Ops Steering Committee, to review business intelligence key performance indicators (KPIs).

Another session will focus on mobile application technologies in warehouse-based 3PLs. Bergoon knows firsthand how important and how complicated the mobile apps are: He is sifting through new software programs to implement at ODW.

“Mobile apps are becoming increasingly important for top-level executives to access the data real-time, in any location,” Bergoon says.

The “Mobility & Data Analytics from Mobile Perspectives” presentation with Brandice Saunders of Mirco Strategies (a business intelligence software developer), will give attendees a case study of how these technologies can be applied to warehousing and how to assess which technologies work best for your needs.

“A lot of people create their own metrics with data over here and data over there. I think there are a lot of people who are beginning to look at business intelligence to find one source of truth, bringing all of the data into a single source to see a complete picture,” Bergoon says.

Discover new ways to improve your operations and services during the IWLA Technology & Operations Solutions Conference, Nov. 6-8, 2013 in Chicago, Ill. Register before October 25 to qualify for the discounted room block rate.

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