IWLA Launches New Website: Members, Please Complete Your Profiles

IWLA-New-Website-IconIt’s an exciting time for the International Warehouse Logistics Association. The new www.IWLA.com has truly brought the association into the 21st century—providing enhanced functionality, branding, and exposure for our membership. The top new feature is the Find a Warehouse tool. This member benefit is designed to bring prospective clients to you through your professional association. In order to take full advantage of this tool, members must do the following as soon as possible:

  1. Log in to the member side of the website, using the username/password you had for the old site.
  2. Review your account information and make any necessary changes.
  3. View your current warehouse profile and fill out any additional information including logo, certifications, keywords, and a warehouse description.
  4. Add your other facilities to the Find a Warehouse tool. Primary contacts and non-primary contacts can add facilities. Only primary contacts can approve them to appear on the live site.

We have developed useful guides to help you navigate the new website and to enhance your listing. Please view our web tutorials videos or download the quick-start guide for a step-by-step demonstration. Comments or questions? We are here to help! Contact IWLA Headquarters at mail@IWLA.com or call 847.813.4699 for assistance.

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