IWLA Sustainability Tip of the Week: Energy Vampires

Plug-and-OutletEnergy vampires are products that suck energy while not providing any useful function. This energy is sometimes called “standby power.” While standby power sometimes provides useful functions such as remote control, clock displays, and timers, in other cases it is simply wasted power as a result of leaving an electronic device or power adapter plugged in. The average U.S. household spends $100 per year to power devices while they are off (or in standby mode).

To slay the energy vampires in your house:

-Enable the ENERGY STAR power management settings on your computer and monitor, so they enter into a power save mode when not in use.

-Use a power strip as a central “turn off” point when you are done using equipment to completely disconnect the power supply.

-Unplug your chargers: cell phone chargers, camera chargers, battery chargers or power adapters, draw some amount of energy even when not in use (and even when not connected to an end-use product).

-Look for the ENERGY STAR label when shopping. ENERGY STAR certified products are among the lowest power consuming in their category in standby mode.

 Want more info on smart energy management? Register for the IWLA free-for-members webinar “Building a Case for Warehouse Energy Management: A Webinar” and tune in on Nov. 20. Not a member yet? Contact us at membership@IWLA.com

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