IWLA Emerging Leaders Program Kicks Off at the 2015 Convention

shutterstock_114709216 copyAre you a young warehousing professional who wants to build a career and help ensure the future success of your company? Are you a warehousing executive who sees promise in one of your young professionals? If so, then the IWLA Emerging Leaders Program is for you.

The best associations help ensure an enduring future for their industries by developing new leaders. IWLA’s tradition of doing this continues with an IWLA Emerging Leaders Kick-off Meeting March 9 during the 2015 IWLA Convention & Expo at the Westin Savannah Resort in Savannah, Ga. IWLA plans to develop this group into an ongoing committee or council.

We invite you to accelerate your career and make a difference in the warehouse logistics industry. The Emerging Leaders Program will help you grow professionally by developing leadership skills and a knowledgeable professional network of peers and mentors.

IWLA Board Member Frank Anderson, vice president of RBW Logistics, will lead this session. Attendees will have an opportunity to:

  • network with each other;
  • identify changing needs of emerging leaders in warehouse logistics; and
  • develop goals and objectives for the committee in 2015.

“A vital part of the association’s success rests in our future leaders. We want to build a strong network of professionals in IWLA to address the needs of this growing population of our membership and the future direction of the association,” says IWLA Convention Planning Committee Chairman Rob Doyle, vice president, business development at Commercial Warehousing Inc. .

All young warehousing professionals attending the convention are encouraged to attend this session.

Questions? Contact IWLA Headquarters at mail@IWLA.com or call 847.813.4699.



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