IWLA Member Influences Change in D.C. – A Testament to the Value of Congressional Visits

Whiting Messer copyIn October, IWLA members gathered in Washington, D.C., during the IWLA Council Summit & Regulatory Fly-in. Throughout the two-day event, IWLA members also met with their congressional leaders on Capitol Hill.

One participating member was Scott Whiting, vice president/general manager at Merchandise Warehouse based in Indianapolis, Ind. During Whiting and Merchandise Warehouse CEO Tim Siddiq’s meeting with U.S. Representative Luke Messer (R-Ind.), the congressman expressed frustration with the current system in D.C., and his goal to change the system. Messer is the Republican Policy Committee Chairman and has the power to influence change.

Whiting shared a system that he uses to overcome similar challenges in the warehouse: a green-dot system that uses a team approach to identify and solve problems. It works, he said, because “people support what they help create.” The quote resonated with Messer who claimed he was going to use it as a catalyst for change.

One month later, during the Indiana Congressional Delegation event, Whiting and Messer met again. He was excited to share that Whiting’s quote is inciting change in Washington from Messer’s use of it in a policy letter and multiple speeches to the GOP house members. Even newly elected Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-Wis.), asked where that quote came from.

When members meet face to face with their representatives and senators, it is an invaluable opportunity to impress your thoughts on those who can cast a wider net via a much larger voice. Whiting is only one example of the power and influence that a visit can have on the larger business community. After seeing lawmakers compromise on the FAST Act, there is hope that the chambers can work effectively on issues that are vital to the country’s prosperity.

Thank you to all IWLA members who participated in Hill visits and continue to strengthen the third-party warehouse logistics industry’s voice in Washington. Click here to learn more about the IWLA Congressional Contact Program.

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