CALL TO ACTION: Stop NLRB from Changing Joint Employer Standard

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) is trying to change the joint employer standard under the National Labor Relations Act. This standard is used to determine when two or more employers are considered liable for the business practices as well as the bargaining obligations of a set of employees. The changes proposed are drastic and could upend every contractual relationship, from contractor-subcontractor to supplier-vendor to franchisor-franchisee relationships.

IWLA urges you to contact your senators and representatives immediately to prevent the NLRB from imposing unnecessary and harmful changes to the joint employer standard. ACT NOW.

IWLA also requested to appear before the Committee to correct the way the 3PL warehouse industry was inaccurately and unfairly portrayed by opponents of S. 2015, Protecting Local Business Opportunity Act, during the Oct. 6 Senate HELP Committee hearing entitled “Stealing the American Dream of Business Ownership: The NLRB’s Joint Employer Decision.”

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