IWLA Nominating Committee Announces Leadership Slate for 2016-2017


IWLA leaders are responsible for the vision and future direction of the association. The following nominees have been put forward by the IWLA Nominating Committee for consideration by the members. The slate is on the agenda to be ratified by the members present during the 2016 IWLA Business Meeting, Tuesday, March 15, as part of the IWLA Convention & Expo. If you have comments or feedback about the nominees, please contact Nominating Committee Chairman Tom Herche at United Warehouses in Seattle.

For your consideration, here are the nominees for open positions on the IWLA Executive Committee and Board:

Chairman: Mark DeFabis, Integrated Distribution Services Inc.

Vice Chairman: Cliff Otto, Saddle Creek Logistics Services

Treasurer: Frank Anderson, RBW Logistics

Secretary: Brett Mears, Palmer Logistics

Past Chairman: Rob Doyle, CWLP, Coregistics

The following directors for a three-year term:

Warehouse Members

Scott McWilliams, OHL

John Tighe, Tighe Logistics Group

Leslie Ajlouny, Evan Distribution Systems (Replacing Brett Mears)

Jared Stadlin, Linden Warehouse and Distribution Co. (Replacing Connie Anderson)

Partner Members

David Hamilton, Impact Logistics

Brian Finnan, Southeast Solutions Inc. (Replacing Chip Scholz)

Canadian Council (recommendations confirmed by the Nominating Committee)

John Ferguson, SCI Group Inc. (Replacing John McKenna)

Bob Dineen, CWLP, Dominion Warehousing & Distribution

IWLA thanks the members of the 2016 nominating committee: Tom Herche, United Warehouses; Frank Anderson, RBW Logistics; Dan Altorfer, United Facilities Inc.; Jere Van Puffelen, EWLP, Prism Team Services Inc.

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